Monday, January 30, 2012


Psalm 13

1How long, O Lord? Will You forget me forever?
How long will You hide Your face from me?
2How long shall I take counsel in my soul,
Having sorrow in my heart daily?
How long will my enemy be exalted over me?
3Consider and hear me, O Lord my God;
Enlighten my eyes,
4Lest I sleep the sleep of death;
Lest my enemy say,
“I have prevailed against him”;
Lest those who trouble me rejoice when I am moved.
5But I have trusted in Your mercy;
My heart shall rejoice in Your salvation.
6I will sing to the Lord,
Because He has dealt bountifully with me.

I just read this about 57943 times. I realized that verses 1 and 2 are exactly the feelings I have been having toward God lately. Then I read the last line. BountifullyRead it about three times to get its full effect! 

Bountifully. Yes, God, I got Your message. :]

Here I am, having all these bitter feelings, and He reminds me of my blessings (which are immeasurable, I might add). I can't count how many times He has done this and I continue to return to my sinful, doubting ways over and over again. But that's what parents do, right? They bring you back down to earth when you get a little stubborn and hotheaded. He has proved Himself to me, once again..

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