Wednesday, January 25, 2012

George Washington Was Here

Tonight I'm looking through old pictures. But not really old. They're from November 2011. Guess what I did in November?!

I went to Virginia! :D Williamsburg, Yorktown and Jamestown. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the trip...

 Me & my beautiful mama :)

 I loved these hats hanging up sooo much..

 In the stocks :P

 The cutest little guy told us all about the battery

 Jamestown...the Chesapeake Bay is beautiful

Dinner in Williamsburg...where George Washington actually ate dinner a long time ago!

This trip was so much fun. It was a "school trip," meaning I got to experience all this cool stuff with some of my closest friends from my little school. Heck, half of the fun was the bus ride to and from Georgia. :) Even if you're not a history nerd (I'm not), it's so much fun to see. (But if you are a history nerd, it's a given that you'll enjoy it.)

That's all I have for now. Just wanted to share. :)

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  1. I still have yet to sift through all of my photos...I've intended from the beginning to do a post or two on our trip on my blog. This is a great motivator. Thanks for sharing! I am thrilled (and a bit surprised) that you got such a great shot inside the tavern. The lighting was very....authentic. :)