Friday, March 9, 2012

High Five for Friday #2

It's that time again! Join me?! It's fun!

1.  DNOW was so awesome last weekend! For some reason I never grabbed my camera to take pictures, but I did get this one on my phone. Mary Margaret painted this to hang in our youth room at church. :)

2.  I can't stop listening to this song. Coldplay is my favorite band!

3.  My cat, Oliver, hopped into my lap yesterday as I was reading to snuggle. He rarely does this by choice, so I was touched... he's my baby. :)

4.  This is probably the best thing I've seen on Pinterest all week.. X)

5.  I did this little workout yesterday and I am very sore today. But it felt good! I will definitely do it again in a day or two. When I can walk again. :P (also found on Pinterest)

It was an uneventful week, but a great one! :)


  1. I adore your posts, but I especially adore the cartoon on #4. Especially as I have been learning to knit these past few weeks. AND I usually bring chopsticks to school instead of forks, for my lunches (you know this).

    Love ya, girl!

  2. I loved it too! :) I tried the knitting thing... I'm much better at crocheting. And thank you!